China Travel and Eggs??

After traveling in China this May for two weeks, with about 2% of people that I came in contact with that actually spoke some english, with the menus written in only Chinese characters, and the fact that 95% of the items on the menu contained meat I decided I tried to not beat myself up about being more lenient with my vegan diet there.



That said, through this experience, I came to 3 realizations. 1) My stomach could not digest meat the way it used to, 2) Dairy drives a high inflammatory response and I was forever bloated , 3) How lit up my body felt after eating eggs. These realizations, particularly the last, leads me to this post and why I’ve decided to bring back the eggs after 1.5 yrs of being Vegan!

With no disrespect for those who embody a true vegan lifestyle (an animal rights movement), I’m here discussing the vegan diet for those embodying it as best they can for the health and nutrition values.


Why would a vegan consider bringing back eggs?

To elevate their health and nutrition! It is now common knowledge through numerous research articles that Vegans are typically low in Iron and Vitamin B12.

However, whole eggs, can not only supply B12 and iron amongst other vitamins and minerals, they have at least 6g of protein per egg. Eggs are a “complete protein” that contain all of the essential amino acids, which is rare to come by in a single plant food (although soy protein has all!)

What about the cholesterol dilemma?

Well, if you do eat mostly plants, like fruits, veggies, and whole grains, these are all cholesteral lowering foods so that can eliminate the issue.

Better yet, research by Eilat-Adar et al. (2013) revealed that dietary cholesterol and cholesterol in eggs have limited effects on elevating blood cholesterol and increasing CVD risk.1

Is the type of egg important?


Yes! Its always best knowing your farmer so knowing someone that has their own chickens and sells eggs would be ideal. However, this isn’t always so easy. Pastured eggs may be your next best bet. If you can’t find these, look for omega-3 enriched eggs, then either cage-free or free-range eggs. I’d say just be aware that although a label may be on the carton like “organic” or “free-range” companies have clever ways of creating shortcuts and not proving you exactly what you think you’re getting. Therefore, I would opt for pasture raised eggs as these are laid by hens that roam on pastures where they eat their natural diet, unlike from those chickens that are cooped up in cages or in dirty crammed barns being pumped insane amounts of hormones.

TIP: You want eggs with the most orange yolks, thats one way of telling they’re being fed well.

That said, its important to take an individualistic approach and if eggs don’t sit well with you by all means! For me, it “woke” my body up in an unexplainable way and fired up my brain again!IMG_8030.JPG



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