How to Avoid that Santa Belly this Christmas: Holiday Fit Hacks

Wether you’re juggling your time this December getting last minute christmas gifts while on your way attending christmas parties to preparing that five course christmas dinner for the visiting friends and family, here are some helpful tips to keep your body and brain functioning at its best. 1. Pre-fill yourself at home. Sometimes you just can’t … More How to Avoid that Santa Belly this Christmas: Holiday Fit Hacks

Elevate Your Workout: Resistance Training

Time to stop hogging that elliptical or stairmaster and go pump some weights! It is so important that every workout plan incorporate some sort of strength training with weights. Yes, lots of people resistance train to build muscle BUT building muscle is just scratching the surface of the associated health benefits. Whats the benefit to strength training? Since I … More Elevate Your Workout: Resistance Training

DIY Pre-Workout Mix

Looking to build more of that muscle, look leaner, get more energy and get more work done at the gym?? Pre-workout powders are being hyped about by many experienced gym goers and supplement stores but what do you really know about whats in your mix? I started out with the well known C4 pre-workout and … More DIY Pre-Workout Mix