Holiday Fitness and Nutrition Tips between the Sips of Hot Cacao

Wether you’re juggling your time this December getting last minute christmas gifts while on your way attending christmas parties to preparing that five course christmas dinner for the visiting friends and family, here are some helpful tips to keep your body and brain functioning at its best.

1. Pre-fill yourself at home. Sometimes you just can’t help the amazing aroma of every dish at the buffet that will keep you coming for more, I totally get it! Thats where pre-filling yourself at home comes to help – that is if the food you pre-fill on is healthy ;). So, before you head out for a tempting christmas dinner, consider having an avocado sandwich or a small portion of left overs so the temptation of the oooey gooey christmas food and treats don’t suck you in too much.

2. Get moving! Even if you have a fitbit making an appearance under the christmas tree this year, no excuses on getting those steps in! A sedentary lifestyle activates inflammatory genes so try and get up for a 2 minute walk about or stretch every 50 minutes.

3. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. Let those enzymes in your mouth do some of the work digesting! With this fast paced holiday season among us, it’s so easy to eat in a hurry and scarf down meals, but that’s why it’s even more imperative to acknowledge your every bite and chew your food stuffs to take off some of the digestive load on the rest of your digestive system.

4. Drink with moderation. So many fancy drinks have hidden sugar so watch your intake because these sugars can add up and just because its hidden sugar doesn’t mean its any less bad for you!  picture creds
weight_loss_secret_avoid_drinking_your_calories.jpg5. Do Not skip the Strength Training. Lifting weights gives you more lean mass that increases your metabolism! Lets boost that metabolism and keep that fat burning going this Holiday Season.

6. HYDRATE. Not only is water so important for your body to be at its prime, it gives you that wonderful skin glow.


I mean why not look like a hydrated angel this Christmas ;). Drink around 2-3L water dependent on your activities and sweating. Check out this sweet water bottle that connects to your phone and fitbit giving you consistent data on your drinking levels –>https://hidratespark.com7. HIIT. If you’re in a rush and don’t want to miss a workout, or probably more likely just don’t want be spending your precious holiday season doing 1-2 hour workouts, HIIT is for you. This type of training burns A LOT of calories in such a short period of time. Its so quick and demanding on your body that you’re still left burning calories up to 2 hours+ after your workout. picture creds23a1740531b6a08f6379951b640971b3.jpg

8. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Has it ever happened to you that before you even look down, the whole bag of chips is empty? Its so easy to start snacking mindlessly on food right in front of you, but this can be solved with one easy strategy – just get it out of sight!! Wether you hide the temptation in the farthest corner of your cupboard, or do what I do – don’t even buy the temptation in the first place – anything is better than having your uncontrollable taste buds pull you towards it without a second thought. picture creds3b86f15b7886595ebdd630ccd6b77c18.jpg

9. Sign up for a Class. If motivation aint your forté, time to hold yourself accountable! Paying for a class may drive your commitment and keep you showing up to that exercise session/activity. Wether its yoga, cross-fit, pilates, resistance training, swimming, sports, etc. do what you love and hold yourself accountable 🙂 (picture creds) Check out this sweet deal for a class pass for access to studios and classes near you –>

10. Be realistic. The holiday season does chip away at time in your regular schedule wether it be the events you have to attend or unavoidable the traffic on the highway from the christmas shoppers.

I wish y’all a Merry Christmas and an amazing Holiday Season! 🙂


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