Let Your Creativity Run Wild: Smoothie Bowls

mmmmm, other than coffee, one of my favourite ways to start a morning is with a nutrient packed smoothie bowl 🙂 they’re a perfect breakfast choice as you can pack them with whatever you want or you’re feeling like! Wether its berry or tropical or more on the green side, your pick. (also if you’ve just recently woken up, it’ll be easier for your body to digest as it is in a liquid form!)

Smoothie Bowl Basics

  • coconut milk/water, almond/cashew milk
  • fruits/veggies of choice
  • seeds/nuts like: pumpkin seeds/peacans
  • chia seeds or hemp hearts

You could also incorporate superfoods add-ins you could use to amp up your smoothie like – tumeric powder, acai powder, maca powder, gogi berries/powder, alma powder (gooseberries), spirulina powder, mulberries, matcha powder and MORE — the opportunities are endless!

The power of natural medicine is overtaking the health world and such superfoods have amazing benefits for our bodies 🙂

Have fun and experiment!

IMG_9891.JPG          IMG_9890.JPG


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