Have Less, Do More: Minimalistic Living


Imagine a life with more time, less clutter and more mental clarity. Wether unnecessary clutter be in the build up of clothes, accessories, electronic devises and many other non-essential items… I want you to ask yourself this question… have you thought about what really adds value into your life?

So why am I bringing up the concept of minimalism in a health blog? First things first, I believe that clean spaces promote clean and healthy minds. With less things you have more time. Think of it in this way, with less clothes you have less laundry, less electronics more time for interaction with others/nature and so on.

I never realized our innate longing for a simple lifestyle until I unintentionally started decorating my living spaces with less items with more quality or meaning to me — Less quantity more quality.

Figuring out if you need or just want an item is a great place to begin; wether or not it brings value into your life. This means you will need to revisit your core values and that in-turn will help you in deciding wether that object aids in adding purpose into your life. Additionally, starting with a “unnecessary items box” is also a great first step.

I challenge you to…. 

  • Dedicate a box and throw in some possible items you could live without and leave it in your closet or somewhere aside for 30 days.
  • After 30 days revisit the box and see if you were in desperate need of the items or if you could live without them and still be happy.
  • If you find items that you can live without – toss em, if you find you do find use in them and they do bring you purpose – keep em.

Once again– Imagine a life with more time, less clutter and more mental clarity. I think this is something we all have the innate drive for, although, with media, shopping malls and technology fogging our judgement and flooding our minds with the need for the next enhancement to our lives, it is so easy to lose sight of true meaning and purpose; What purpose do these objects have in our lives and do they really help me to live a happy, fulfilling, life or am I just looking for the next best thing. Lets all do ourselves a favour by trying to live more simply with more happiness through the power of quality over quantity 🙂

These are just a couple pictures of my room and although I’m not an extreme minimalist and have just begun acknowledging and experiencing the powers of minimalism, I’m making gradual steps towards living a simpler life and hope you can join along with me!

IMG_9993.JPG IMG_9994.JPG


4 thoughts on “Have Less, Do More: Minimalistic Living

  1. Aight aight not too shabby, I see you talking bout the mental clarity and shiet, definitely my mind is less cluttered and I feel like I got less anxiety since cleaning out my shiet aight😏. I feel like in terms of clothes and minimalism, if you buy a new article of clothing you should try to donate a older piece to make thing nice and balanced, nomsaiyan? Could be a good rule to help with “minimalizing” shieeeet you know but wtf do I know right lmao?!🤤


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